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A living doll is to imagine as a kind of alive mannequin / android. She can be just put somewhere (e.g. entrances, shop windows, hotel lobbies, beautiful places in shopping malls etc.)
As an eye-catcher, or she can directly be involved with the product that should be presented and also with the guests or clients of an event / party.

Also staff who are working at an event can move or modelize the living doll in positions... like inventory.
A guest of an event always can decide by himself to get into interaction or not.
A living doll is moving once in a while, also motivated by client‘s or guest‘s emotions, in the typical non-human/robotic way.

The artist is building up a non-verbal communication, which is creating an intensive emotional moment. The label of the launched product or the memorization of the event gets very much imprinted. As the costumes and the performances are created always for the topic of the event or the product presentation, the show-acts are unique.

Especially in busy environmental situation, a living doll creates a meditative aspect by standing so quite and peaceful.
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